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Peru Holidays and Festivals

Peruvians have a variety of secular holidays. In addition, there are certain religious holidays that are celebrated regularly.

Each community or village has its own festival in recognition of the local patron saint. The communities celebrate their special days annually with fiestas that are often extravagant and costly to stage. The success of these fiestas requires a great deal of volunteer work on the part of community members. Financial support comes from festival sponsors known as ayordomos, who typically will be helped by other family members. Sometimes families even incur great debts to ensure a successful fiesta. These religious holidays are important celebrations of religious devotion, help affirm the community's identity and, on occasion, serve political purposes.

Peru Festivals  Peru Festivals

National holidays include the following:

Date Holiday FestivalLocation
January 1Año Nuevo
New Year
February 2 Virgen de la CandelariaPuno
February or March Carnaval National
March or AprilSemana Santa National, but most famous in Ayacucho
May 1Dia de los trabajadores>
Labor Day
May 2-4 Alarcitas Handicrafts Fair
Dia de Santa Cruz
June Corpus Cristi National
June 24Inti Rayni Cuzco
June 29San Pedro y San Pablo National
July 16La Virgen del Carmen Cuzco and Lake Titicaca
July 28 - 29Fiestas Patrias
Independence Celebrations
August 30Santa Rosa de Lima Lima
September 24 La Virgen de la MercedPuno
October 8Batalla de Angamos National
October 18El Señor de los Milagros Lima
November 1Dia de Todos los Santos
All Saints Day
November 2Dia de los Muertos
All Souls Day
Did you know? An important day on a Native Peruvian's calendar is November 2, the Day of the Dead, when spirits are believed to walk the earth again, visiting their relatives.
November 5Puno Day  Puno
December 8Dia de la Purísima Concepción
Immaculate Conception
December 25Navidad
Christmas Day

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